Hello 1BitFreeders!

I hope everyone is healthy.

Anyway, we reached our third month online and I feel happy, as it was a great learning experience for me. During this period I was able to better analyze the system and learn from mistakes.

I am satisfied, as we have already paid more than 0.035 BTC to our users and we are growing every day.

Unfortunately not everything is flowers and we also had some problems and disappointments. We had many problems with short links, bots and the use of VPN.

Due to these problems, some changes were made to guarantee our financial health and our commitment to our users.

  • Shorlinks - The short links have been removed, since most providers are scams and do not pay us, and those who pay, we had problems due to the large volume of users using VPN. Therefore, the best was to remove them.
  • Contests - With the removal of short links, we no longer have the Shortlinks Contest. Also, we readjust the award for Offerwalls Contest and changed to monthly. So our contests are now monthly.
  • Lottery - We also made some changes to our lottery and now we have a monthly prize of 50,000 Bits.

From now on, we will block all users who use VPN and Bots and payments will be declined. Our sponsors are blocking our accounts and we will no longer accept fraudulent activity on our website. So be aware that, upon detecting the use of VPN or Bot, the account will be immediately suspended.

Have a nice week


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